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NFTs are no longer just Jpegs

The only protocol which fuses NFTs with code or content. Now NFTs are capable of running AI models, games, nodes, movies, and software. FusionX creates a creator economy for developers and content creators which never existed before.


Game NFTs

Upload your game file, and instantly, FusionX will fuse the game into an NFT. The game will now be playable with an NFT. It can also be sold or licensed, and the content creator makes money as the game gets played or resold.

Create and sell

Software NFTs

You can now fuse any software into an NFT. These FusionX NFTs will earn revenue from one-time-sale, license fees, and resale of the NFT.


Convert any digital content into an NFT series

Movies NFTs

Pathway to "decentralized" Netflix

Any major production or even a small web series can be fused into an NFT. These NFTs can be sold via marketplaces and even be licensed to a decentralized Netflix. 

Artificial Intelligence NFTs

Organizations can own their intelligence

You can fuse your machine learning and artificial intelligence models, create copies and sell them on NFT marketplaces at a click of a button

Blockchain Nodes NFTs

Anyone can be a Node Operator

Node operators can fuse a Blockchain Node into an NFT, and sell it to anyone wanting to just pay the fees and run their node. Now anyone can be a Node Operator!

The protocol that creates Nextflix, OpenAI, and Steam in Web3

FusionX is the only technology that adds applications and compute to NFTs. It completely automates the process of securing and converting any digital asset into NFT, which can then be monetized. It's an industry of over $220 Billion.

Work with us

FusionX is designed keeping content creators in mind. No technical skills are needed! All you need is your content in the form of a game, movie, software, AI models, or any other digital content. The rest is taken care of by FusionX. Monetize your content like never before!

About us

FusionX is a platform that revolutionizes computing and software distribution. It gives rise to the creator economy where content takes the centre stage, not its distribution! FusionX is part of the StackOS ecosystem and is backed by the world's top VC firms. FusionX gives a new dimension to Web3 where one can truly attract content creators and create decentralized Netflix, Gamestop, Steam, or even ChatGPT.

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